Oath is a creative collaboration between two good friends Tijn Goessaert and Sam Windey. Oath is not a design studio, not an artist collective, not a product brand, not a lifestyle blog but it certainly has affinities with all these fields.

Call it a creative open space for now.

With Collection.Oath we try to get a grasp of objects, topics, software,... that are valuable in our lives as designer/developer. Not focussing on trends but on items that really matter to us, that are well designed or plain interesting. All this gives you an insight in our way of life.

A physical thing

Essential to your workspace are some good inspirational books. Nothing beats a good ol' stroll through a graphic design book. Soaking in all the awesome works of designers around the world can really help to start a project or get you out of a creative black hole.

All Men are Brothers is a really good one in this regard. A collection of 108 leading designers show their works in this 653 pages book. The book is always close to me for a quick dive into graphic design inspiration, it served already for many years and will continue to do that in the future.