Oath is a creative collaboration between two good friends Tijn Goessaert and Sam Windey. Oath is not a design studio, not an artist collective, not a product brand, not a lifestyle blog but it certainly has affinities with all these fields.

Call it a creative open space for now.

With Collection.Oath we try to get a grasp of objects, topics, software,... that are valuable in our lives as designer/developer. Not focussing on trends but on items that really matter to us, that are well designed or plain interesting. All this gives you an insight in our way of life.

Pursue your passion

Starting a career in graphic design or another creative field is not the easiest thing to do. Often this is overlooked by many people. Not speaking of a financial investment in technology and resources, but more on an emotional level.

Creating work for clients means putting your creative ideas into reality. By showing it to the world, many reactions and comments will follow. This feedback varies from good and uplifting to outright career-destroying evil words. The important thing is to find a way to handle these many different feelings and thoughts.

The book

"Find your way. Make a living. Be your best self." is a book every designer or creative person should read. It tackles so many subjects, questions and concepts that everyone encounters at least once in their career. For example: changing jobs, crazy side projects, major setbacks and how to handle them,...

Handling feedback from people around you can be difficult. After reading the book you will be a lot stronger. Other creatives struggle with very similar problems as yourself. Reading about this works very well.

Gavin Strange is an interesting guy, you should really check out his work at www.jam-factory.com. Gavin works also as a senior designer at Aardman Animations.