Oath is a creative collaboration between two good friends Tijn Goessaert and Sam Windey. Oath is not a design studio, not an artist collective, not a product brand, not a lifestyle blog but it certainly has affinities with all these fields.

Call it a creative open space for now.

With Collection.Oath we try to get a grasp of objects, topics, software,... that are valuable in our lives as designer/developer. Not focussing on trends but on items that really matter to us, that are well designed or plain interesting. All this gives you an insight in our way of life.

Greyhours Essential watch

The Greyhours Essential watch is a straightforward timepiece and thus a great addition to your kit. Subtle coloured details keep the design fresh and improve the readability of the watch.

With many minimalist watches nowadays the useful features are removed to simplify the design. In this process the most valuable aspect of a watch is left out: usability. This is not the case with the Greyhours Essential; beautifully designed but functional.

The experience

The packaging is very well thought-out. The minimalist box has a blue leather strap and clicks in a satisfying way when opened. Inside you can find a small wallet for your cards and a cleaning cloth. Together with a great customer support you can easily say the Greyhours experience is top notch.

Greyhours Essential