Oath is a creative collaboration between two good friends Tijn Goessaert and Sam Windey. Oath is not a design studio, not an artist collective, not a product brand, not a lifestyle blog but it certainly has affinities with all these fields.

Call it a creative open space for now.

With Collection.Oath we try to get a grasp of objects, topics, software,... that are valuable in our lives as designer/developer. Not focussing on trends but on items that really matter to us, that are well designed or plain interesting. All this gives you an insight in our way of life.

One of the best toys in the world

If you think of a toy that can pleases every one from child to adult, from engineer to designer, there is only one that really pops out, LEGO. The idea that something simple like plastic building blocks can keep you busy for hours at any age and from any background is almost unbelievable, but it's true. Thanks through it's utmost simplicity in design and concept it gives you the freedom to do everything with it. Architects use it to visualize design concepts, children use it to create vast imaginary worlds, engineers use it to create prototypes, and the list goes on and on.


The toys grow with you as you come of age and they keep pushing you to use them in all kind of different ways because the possibilities are endless. This is a toy we really can be proud of to pass on to next generations, not only because of the sheer fun you can have with it but also thanks to its durability. The bricks are so well created they last more than a lifetime but never grow dull because of it's minimal and timeless design.

LEGO has been praised for its great toy many times, it even has received the award "toy of the century" twice.