Oath is a creative collaboration between two good friends Tijn Goessaert and Sam Windey. Oath is not a design studio, not an artist collective, not a product brand, not a lifestyle blog but it certainly has affinities with all these fields.

Call it a creative open space for now.

With Collection.Oath we try to get a grasp of objects, topics, software,... that are valuable in our lives as designer/developer. Not focussing on trends but on items that really matter to us, that are well designed or plain interesting. All this gives you an insight in our way of life.

Offscreen magazine

These days it is so easy to consume a massive amount of information on the internet. Although the internet is awesome, sometimes it's just great to hold a beautifully printed magazine in your hands and slow things down for a minute. I just recently came across Offscreen magazine which has a thoughtful, human-centred take on technology and the web.

It features great articles on today's tech world, tools, objects and more of that. Where it really shines are the interviews with a variety of people within or around the tech industry.

To advance humanity

The interviews are not about how great a certain new technology or product is, it's more about insights from people who are creatives, thinkers and so on. These background stories, struggles, achievements... are a great resource for everybody.

The people in these interviews vary from very different backgrounds. Academics who think about larger-scale trends and transitions within the industry, designers who talk about their way of working, design-leaders who tell about their tricks and learnings to manage large design teams and much more.

It is a magazine that finds a perfect balance between being educational, inspiring and entertaining.

Details matter

Print magazines are becoming an endangered species, in times like these it takes a lot of guts to come up with a print magazine on this scale and with this quality. Offscreen not only has great content, it is beautifully made. The size is perfect to store in a backpack. The paper and cover are very sturdy so the magazine keeps it's shape and looks very well. If you open the magazine and lay it on a table, it stays nicely open even without resting your hands on it. These details may seem obvious but it makes the whole experience so much better and it shows just how much effort is put into this magazine.

I highly recommend this magazine to anyone in the tech/design industry, but also for people who want to learn about productivity, the way to achieve goals, entrepreneurs and do-ers.

You can buy separate magazines or become a subscriber on: https://www.offscreenmag.com. You won't regret it.

Offscreen magazine